Jessie Aboagye, Co-founder and guide at Easy Track Ghana

Welcome to Ghana!

My name is Jessie Nana Kofi Aboagye.

I am a driver and guide with much experience hosting visitors.
I have traveled with guests from all around the world.

Let me know anything of Ghana that you want to see.

Because I speak many languages, this allows me to escort you to any part of Ghana with ease.

I have years of experience with digital cameras and have been told that I am a lovely photographer.

A lot of guys in the area use my
fit club called the Powerhouse Gym. It is a good way to keep healthy and in good condition.

I also help with our
‘One Extra Bag’ program and other charitable activities that I help coordinate with Steve and the TransCAP Foundation of the USA.

We have visited schools, clinics, orphanages, HIV prevention groups and community development organizations to distribute needed supplies.

When you come to Ghana, you will ask yourself one thing........Why did I wait so long?

More about me

What is your name?Jessie Nana Kofi Aboagye
Where do you live?Accra
What languages do you speak well enough to converse?English
Twi, Ewe Ga, Fanti
What other languages do you speak at a basic level?Hausa,
Igbo, Yoruba
What is your profession?Auto Mechanic and driver, workout instructor, guide and host
Do you have any experience working with foreigners?I have traveled with people from almost every continent and am very experienced at the proper care and treatment of guest to make you feel very special.
Why do you want to become a Buddy?I enjoy meeting people and am a good host. My family is very open minded and enjoy having visitors also. This work is a good match to my personality.
How would you describe yourself?Very friendly, protective, caring of others and passionate about love and life.
What are things you are really good at doing?Give me a task, and I will make things happen for you. I am eager to please.
What are things you do not like to do?Please be respectful
Do you like to be around people?Absolutely!
How would you describe your relation between the community where you live and yourself?I am well known in my area. All who pass know me and greet me warmly.
Are you involved in any community activities? Do you belong to any community-based organizations?I am Steve's local liaison for his charitable work in Ghana. We visit schools, clinics, orphanages and HIV prevention organizations to distribute supplies and grants provided by the TransCAP Foundation.
Can you properly operate a digital camera?Of course. I have two digital cameras of my own, so I know how to use them well.